On European Languages Day in “Liviu Rebreanu” School Mioveni

Sunday, September 27, 2009

To celebrate European Languages, Department of Foreign Languages of “Liviu Rebreanu” School Mioveni has developed a series of activities conducted by teachers: Ana Tudor, Mariana Badica, Julieta Stan and Nicoleta Patrascu.

Remember the program: PowerPoint presentation e-Twinning project in English "European Languages Day," Comenius multilateral project dissemination "If you want to see the beauty of the world, first you find it in yourself", promoting the new online journal of our school, "The Explorers" (performed by Professor Ana Tudor), Artistic performance classes III and IV (prepared by Professor Mariana Badica and Juliet Professor Stan), PowerPoint presentation "Les Chateaux de la Loire "(made by Prof. Nicoleta Patrascu and Professor Mariana Badica) and PowerPoint presentation" Dix raisons pour apprendre le francais "(made by Professor Julieta Stan).

Participants: Inst. Lidia Costache (educational advisor), Professor Mariana Radulescu and inst. Sabina Filfanescu (Comenius multilateral project management team members), Alexandra Mondiru (tester), Professor Monica Gruia, Prof. Claudia Voiculescu, Georgeta Pisica (primary level teacher) and Maria Hera (librarian).